Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Receive Unconditional Love

That's what "thank you," or "terima kasih," actually means in bahasa Indonesia. It's how I feel about Indonesia, a stunningly beautiful country with a big heart. I cherish my six months there as a time not just of personal growth, but also reconnection with my roots.

I have left Jakarta and returned to DC, where I immediately jumped into my current job. I have much more to write, but have been too busy living life that I haven't had time to write about it. I'm hoping to get a post on Aceh up soon!

The flight home was long, and when I ran out of decent movies to watch (I draw the line at Ashton Kutcher RomComs), I took some time to reflect on my experience in Indonesia. It was a whirlwind, and was hard to process...by the end, I examined it by the numbers. Here's what I came up with:

Months in Indonesia: 6
Jobs in Indonesia: 2 (State and USAID)
Presidents met: 1 (President Obama)
Famous people I met: 2 (Secretary Clinton and CNN Hero of the Year Robin Lim)
Value of international negotiations assisted: $28.5 million (Tropical Forest Conservation Act)
Trips for work: 2 (Bali for the President's visit, Aceh to visit a maternal and child health project)
Number of times I was mistaken for an Indonesian in meetings or events: 30+
Hours of classroom Bahasa Indonesia training: 19
Meetings conducted in Bahasa Indonesia that I participated in without a translator: 6 (I'm pretty proud that I basically understood what was going on)

Number of weekends spent in Jakarta: 5
Number of Indonesian areas visited: 12 (Aceh, Jogjakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Pelabuhan Ratu, Pulau Seribu, Bali, Lombok, Gili Islands, Komodo National Park, Manado, Tanjung Puting Park)
Animals with whom I had a close encounter: 13 (Orangutan, slow loris, elephants, tiger, white tiger, lion, kangaroo, wallaby, sea turtle, macaques, clouded leopard, stingray, jellyfish, plus probably 100+ kinds of fish when diving)
Weird food eaten: 3 (bat, dog, giant squid egg) (the squid egg was the worst)
Countries visited: 6 (Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and U.S. for training)
Things crossed off bucket list: 8 (See Borobudur; get dive-certified; learn to surf; visit my mother's village; see my grandfather's grave; communicate directly with my grandmother; work for USAID, visit Aceh)
Friends and family visited: 8
Friends who visited me: 6
Times eaten at warung (food stalls), roadside restaurants, and other places with questionable cleanliness: ~90 times
Times have gotten food poisoning from eating at those establishments: 0
Times have gotten food poisoning from Malaysia Airlines: 1
Crossfit sessions per week: 3 (average...had to keep the fried rice weight off!)
Road races run: 3 (the 10k on Sudirman was the worst)
Massages: ~18
Dresses made: 4
Forms of transport taken: 10 (Plane, car, taxi, boat, speedboat, bajaj, motorcycle, donkey cart, elephant, surfboard)
Times I have had to explain that I am not actually Indonesian to very confused people: Countless

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